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My name is Joos Mesie, born in Zeeland, the Netherlands, in 1988. Always having a fondness of digital artwork I started creating my own images at age 16.
Since then I have been devoting most of my spare time to creating digital images, learning new techniques, discovering new programs (for creating and/or editing) and building up experience.

Beside this hobby, I really like webdesign and development. Since the first time I put my own website online I have pretty much done a complete overhaul every year. Either because I felt like it, or had new ideas how to shape the information and images.
I have also worked on existing websites, or created websites for other people.

For further information about my past and experience, you can take a look at my curriculum vitae in English, or in Dutch.

I can be contacted via my twitter, email or deviantart page. You can also subscribe to updates on this site via RSS feed (see buttons below).